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Export Contacts As Vcard Vcf From Android

Hanmj 2018-12-09

Go to your Android phone. Open the Contact app. Then hit the menu button (three-dot icon). You will have a selection pop-up. Choose "Manage contacts" > "Import/Export". Next, alternatively choose "Export to SIM card" or "Export...

Field Limitation Warning

Hanmj 2018-11-26

When you sync or restore contact, and the target container of contact type is CNContainerTypeExchange, we may can NOT save all field into your target, because the Exchange container has more limitation.   When selected contai...

Contact Limit

Hanmj 2018-11-18

Google Contacts: The maximum contact of Google account is 27000.   Apple iCloud: Total number of contact cards: 50,000   Local Contacts: We have tested more than 100k contacts...

Test Case Upload Huge Contacts To Google With Groups.

Hanmj 2018-11-13

In this case we will upload 25000 contacts approximately from iPhone with groups, and this app will removed duplicate contacts at iPhone, the Other contacts will upload to Google. At next time, we will edit a contact, create a new conta...

Try To Find Out Faster Way For Save Contacts Into Iphone

Hanmj 2018-11-09

15000 contacts save into iPhone how to do? Test 1. make all CNMutableContact into request and save once. Result 1: totally usage seconds 258, include create request only 20 seconds. Test 2. Make 100 CNMutableContact into request and sa...

Version 3.5 Developing

Hanmj 2018-11-05

The fastest speed at save sync records into DB. Fixed bug that can NOT Remove group of Google when the group removed at iPhone. The fastest “insert into ...” because sqlite3_ex...

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