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Turn Off Contacts Of Accounts & Passwords

Hanmj 2018-01-29

Contacts may be duplicated after get contacts from Google, so my suggestion that turn off contacts in settings. Don't worry for that your can turn on those contacts after this app.

Contacts Framework Frequently Hangs On Ios 11

Hanmj 2018-02-19

Some bug of Contacts found on iOS 11 system, and I can NOT update for fixed those bug. so, please attention that after update iOS 11. I know that the bug maybe lost some item when number o...

Special Field

Hanmj 2018-02-21

There are different of contact between iOS and Google, and this app can NOT sync.

Sync Contacts For Google Version 3.2

Hanmj 2018-10-20

Wow get "Sync Contacts for Google" to this device. It is a quick and easy way to sync Gmail contacts and iPhone contacts! It is accurate and efficient. PROMINENT FEATURE * Sync the Gmail and iPhone contacts & groups accurately * Super ...

Version 3.5 Developing

Hanmj 2018-11-05

The fastest speed at save sync records into DB. Fixed bug that can NOT Remove group of Google when the group removed at iPhone. The fastest “insert into ...” because sqlite3_ex...

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