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Why Does The App Need Access To My Contacts?

Hanmj 2018-12-29

In order to sync your iPhone/iPad and Google contacts, the app needs access to your contacts. The app will not store your contacts on any server other than Google, and all syncing is done directly from your iPhone/iPad.   This is ...

Export Outlook Contacts To Iphone

Hanmj 2018-12-20

Export vCard to many files in a folder at PC. Zip those vCard files into a zip file outside the folder. Send email to yourself & attachment the zip file. Open this email at iPhone. Save the attachment zip into Sync Contacts for Google Gm...

Tools Guide

Hanmj 2018-12-20

Contact developer when you have any idea about Contacts on iPhone.


Hanmj 2018-12-17

当完成一次联系人同步后,本机存储的联系人与对应Google帐号的联系人完全相同,可有时出现需要再次同步的情况。 具体现象:Google->iPhone 原因:Changed photo of contact on ... 原因解释: 当联系人上传到Google后, 某联系人的Email地址是Gmail的地址,而这个用户在Google上设置了自己的头像,此时该头像会自动存储到联系人中。

Pitfalls Of Syncing Google With Google

Hanmj 2018-12-16

Take caution not to use the app to sync Google with itself, as that won't accomplish anything in most cases. It only makes sense if there are two separate Google accounts involved, or if the Google contacts on your iPhone are out of sy...

💗🌺 Sync Contacts For Google Gmail 🌺💗

Eva 2018-12-12

┈┈┈┈┈┈┈🍁 💐 * Add background backup🎷 🌺     * Well-designed user interface     * Improve stability ╰┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈🌻 ╯   Wow get "Sync Contacts for Google Gmail" to this device.It is a quick and easy way to s...

How To Turn On Background App Refresh

Eva 2018-12-24

Check those switch and Turn ON:1. Settings->General->Background App Refresh->Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data2. Settings->Sync Contacts->Background App Refresh->ON Use Background App RefreshAfter you Turn ON, this ap...

Export Contacts As Vcard Vcf From Android

Hanmj 2018-12-09

Go to your Android phone. Open the Contact app. Then hit the menu button (three-dot icon). You will have a selection pop-up. Choose "Manage contacts" > "Import/Export". Next, alternatively choose "Export to SIM card" or "Export...

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