The contact without year only month and day for anniversary field can NOT upload to the Google account


In test job, we found a bug that the contact that date field only month and day, the year is empty, the contact can NOT upload to the Google account, now we are looking for solutions for bug.

We test and want to know How to upload the contact by iOS system function, step by step:
1, Open "Settings" on iPhone, and goto "Password & Account"->"Add account".
2, Select Google account and input test account and password.
3, And need open "Contacts" option for contact upload, and suggest close option.
4, Waiting for contacts download and upload between Local and the Google account.
5, Create a contact in Local at Gmail container by "Contacts" application.
6, Add anniversary in the new contact, and No year field.
7, Open Chrome and login by the Google account, waiting for the new contact upload from Local automatically.
8, Finally, we found year is 1604 for the contact anniversary field in the Google account.

Conclusion about our app:
1. Our app write empty or zero year when download contact that year is 1604 from Google account.
2. Our app upload 1604 year when upload or update contact that year is empty from Local.
3. Our app calculate hash as 1604 when year is empty.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 09.44.30.png Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 09.44.30.png(Full Image)