Export vcf file from Gmail Website


  1. From your Gmail account, choose Gmail >Contacts.
  2. Select More >Export.
  3. Choose the contact group you want to export.
  4. Choose the export format vCard format (for importing into Outlook or another application).
  5. Choose Export.
  6. When prompted, choose Save As, and browse to a location to save the file.
  7. Finally, a file "contacts.vcf" will download to your PC.



💐   It will lost photo and group when export vcf file from Google Gmail.

      When you use "Sync Contacts for Google Gmail", it will sync to your iPhone correctly.🎷    🌺



  Gmail Sync Contacts for Google Gmail
 Photo  🙁   😁
 Group  🙁   😁

Step 1. Export contacts Step 1. Export contacts(Full Image)

Step 2. Select group & vCard Step 2. Select group & vCard(Full Image)

Finally, A file "contacts.vcf" will download to your PC.